Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There can be miracle

It's funny that i only update my blog during my busy period...

Anyway, i just want to thank God for His miracle that happened today during work.
To cut the story short (as i'm really quite sleepy now...), i was told to finish up profit/loss section for 4 entities + tidy up other sections within 4 days. My jaw almost dropped when i saw the to-do list, i seriously doubt i can finish it.

While i was stressed out and trying to do my best to do my work, i found out that someone actually already finished up one of the entities weeks before, and another colleague came and told me that the manager already reviewed another entity so no further work need to be done. MEANS i only need to do 2 entities!!! What a HUGE relief... Work being cut into half just within a morning!

Then I was reminded about a sermon 2 sundays ago about how to deal with stress, is to totally surrender to His will, and trust Him completely. For His way is higher than our ways, so many things happened around me that i still don't quite understand. But if i continue to surrender, and walk according to His way as He continue to show me step by step, i know all things will turn out to be alright. Thank You Lord, for You are indeed my God that i love ^^

Good night!

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