Saturday, July 7, 2007

Young working adult

I'm quite tired, so just a quick update about myself in KPMG Singapore.

I am officially a young working adult this week. Had intensive seminars/training and EATING in Fort Canning club (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner), it's part of the orientation program by KPMG la. (haha reminds me of Alpha weekend away camp also) There were 230 newies for the july intake. You can imagine how big is KPMG then. The firm is really professional, esp. they can spend half an hour talking about the logo of KPMG.

The dress code in kpmg is really a big headache for me. I realised half of my working clothes are not 'professional' enough according to the kpmg dresscode. So i had intensive shopping today too.

I really need to invest in good and comfy shoes. Only 3 days, both of my feet are really bad. I had lost count on how many plasters i used already.

But generally, i'm good la. I'm quite excited and can't wait for the first 'assignment' from the firm. Besides, the colleagues are quite nice, and the bosses are quite friendly too.

Ohh!! I bump into a girl from ocf parkville!!

Quite a good start generally, yey~~ really want to take this time to thank God and thank you for the prayers. God is good, all the time. amen!

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