Sunday, January 6, 2008

Caught the fire

Today, i went to the last session of JG (Joshua's Generation) class, where Hope Singapore senior pastor Ben was invited to share to us about how he and 4 other ppl planted the church in Singapore 16 yrs ago, the hardship, the faith, etc etc... It was amazing to see how the church grow from 5 ppl to 3,500 ppl now. But behind the success, there's always the hardships and trials that need to be gone thru.

I asked him how he managed to balance his life style as a church leader that time and his work, since he was an auditor as well b4 he became a full time pastor, and i'm just curious how did he manage his life, esp. his walk with God, coz i know auditors' lives are super crazy. He said, when he first started the church and work, he sometimes need to carry all those big chunk of files (that time no laptop yet, *gasp*) to church meeting, and after the meeting he will go back and continue to do his work. He also said that time he woke up 5am in the morning, just to shepherd his sheep by going to the sheep's office, only then he went to office to work. My jaw dropped that time. CRAZZZYYYYY....... So so much sacrifices made, and i realised i'm so so much blessed right now. Chinese way of saying is 身在福中不知福...

When christine asked him, what are the things that keep him going, keep him on fire. He replied, as long as there's one person who's lost out there, his job is not done yet. WOW...

After hearing his stories, i realised planting a church is almost IMPOSSIBLE, esp in Singapore (lol...) But really, becoz he caught the heart of God, he caught God's visions for His lost children, he is still going strong, and the church is still going, and growing strong. Because of his love for God and His ppl, God honoured him, and granted him the strength, the perseverence, to make the impossibles became POSSIBLE.

Oh there's another thing that he said that's super inspiring. He said, he made lots of mistakes during the church planting in Singapore, but one mistake that he never made, is that, he didn't give up. I gave him another big WOW...

I thank God that i'm in this church now. And i am so proud to be in this church. I love God. I also love Hope Singapore =) Pray that this church will continue to be a blessing and a fire-igniter to Singapore and around the world. Amen.

I am so inspired and fired up by sharings from Pastor Ben.

Thank God indeed.

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