Sunday, January 20, 2008

I miss Melbourne Part 2

I miss Melb Uni OCF.
I miss everyday Friday night 7pm go to North Dining Hall in Melb Uni Union house to attend OCF.
I miss attending the prayer meet before OCF.
I miss the bible study within CG.
I miss CG retreat.
I miss OCF Victoria Easter Camp.
I miss Melb Uni July Camp.
I miss OCF Australia convention.
I miss the camp fire.
I miss seeing lots of OCFers got touched and changed by God.
I miss the sharing, the love, the concerned poured by the brothers and sisters in Christ in OCF.
I miss Jeri-Uni prayer walk. (prayer walk around Melb Uni, something like Jerico walk. Yes we walked 7 times around uni during our 7th time prayer walk. And we did SHOUT hahaha... really crazy...)
I miss the craziness of singing praise and worship songs in the middle of Uni.
I miss coffee ministry.
I miss pushing the whole big pile of hot water from Architecture building to Ballieau Library for coffee ministry.
I miss baking muffins/cakes/cookies to bless the OCFers.
I miss the young, passionate, fearless OCF members who stand up for Christ.
I miss the talented yet humble OCF worship team.
I miss prayer meet until 5am in this small little room in Arrow Heights with a few brothers/sisters who have BIG BIG heart for Uni students.
I miss playing all the crazy games/sabo in camps.
I miss cooking and preparing food for Malaysia national day celebration and lots of CG "pot-bless" (coz we don't believe in "luck")

To be continued...

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