Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I miss Melbourne (Part 1)

I miss Melbourne

Let me talk about the food first.
I miss Lygon street, the Italian restaurant street, with lots of yummy authentic italian pasta, pizza and Gelato ice-cream (esp. roche ice-cream!!)
I miss Chinatown, where you can get lots of nice and oily food eg. A1, K.O.K., Supper Inn, Shanghai Dumpling, Dessert House, Nam Long 1 and 2, Shark Fin House's Dim Sum and etc.
I miss Victoria St authentic Korean restaurant (esp. the Hot pot and the Kimchi!! so niceeee..)
I miss Elizabeth St Mala Steamboat.
I miss the Stalatite Greek restaurant near QV (it's very meaty, guys will love it)
I miss Hungry Jacks along Swanston st that open til 4am (hehehe)
I miss Melb Uni Union house' sushi (salmon onigir!!)
I miss Breadtop greentea cake.

Next, groceries shopping. Overseas students in Melb Uni are very slack ppl, esp commerce students who only have 12 contact hours per week (that's me). So what will they do during their free time then? Lepak in groceries store. My favourite place? Safeway in QV......
I miss buying $1.80 Tim Tam, and the excitement of seeing the offer lol...
I miss searching recipe on the net, printed out the list, and went to safeway for the beginning of the adventure... of cooking new dish... well, most of the time, it was successful, except tiramisu and Loh Mee...
I miss sms-ing my good friends when i saw some offers in Safeway.
I miss using the Safeway enviromental-friendly green bag.
I miss buying LOTS of chewing-gum.
I miss shopping with my sister and friends in Safeway.
I miss bumping into my friends in Safeway (that's why i told u most of us like to hang out there hahaha)
I miss buying fruit juice.
I miss buying $1.98 bread.
I miss buying Betty-Crockers brownies ready-to-bake pack (oops... now u know why my brownies so nice hehehe)
I miss buying super cheap Indo Mee instant noodles.

Wah, i'm so tired of writing... had a long day today...
Shall be continued next time (hopefully tomorrow hehehe...)

Conclusion: I miss Melbourne

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