Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to stop boys from playing Dota and WOW

I just read my friend's post, about how to stop boys from playing Dota and WOW. I think it's very good and funny, so decided to copy it.

ok when u have a boyfriend that makes u really angry because they play too much of DOTA? WOW?
here's the Society for the prevention of neglect from Dota and WOW boys. SPNDW
the syndrome includes boys who get too engaged in the game till they basically survive like 24 hrs in the room, breathing and eating and peeing and everything to do with DOTA and WOW.
So, how do we prevent this?

1) send him a virus, thru his DOTA friend's computer. highly reccomended : ) yay!
2) go to his house and trash his comp, and take away all his CDs : ) double yay! not recommended, unless u have dee guts to do this
3) tell his mom? or maybe his dad. so that they will nag him till he cannot take it anymore
4) somehow, create a scenario when he can break his playing football.
5) if u can't beat him, join him at his game, so work your Dota n WOW skills, and beat him, that will SO CRUSH HIS EGO that he will never play dota again
6) pray that God disciplines him
7) pray that GOd really disciplines him
8) pray that God really really disciplines him.
(Wee X.Y., 2007)

Hehehe... quite good right??? So boys... beware of your girlfriends now!!!


CT said...

1) I dun accept programs from people =)
2) My com is not the only one in my house that plays Dota
3) Haha I think they nag until they cannot take it anymore
4)I dun play football, unless you want to sabo me at gym?
5)If you are THAT good, maybe you will end up getting addicted, then if we play together, both even more gone case
6)what if I do the same?
7)even harder?
8)than you?

(Tan, 2007)

pearls said...

does the same rules apply to girlfriends who play dota? haha

ct said...

No lar Of course not!!

A girl who games is plus 10 points!!! lol

How many guys can find a girl with the same pasttime as them?
Or so my gaming friends tell me

I have no personal experience in the gaming 'addiction' XP