Sunday, May 27, 2007

No Higher Calling

I went to Penang Prayer Conference on Friday night, held in FGA Air Itam. I was very encouraged to see hundreds of Penang Christians from different churches gathered together, just to worship God, and pray for our homeland, Malaysia. There's one thing that really hit my heart, which caused quite a mixture of feelings of both happy and sad. I was happy because there're lots of uncles and aunties who were very passionate, and really have the heart to see the nation to be changed, to be touched by God. Esp this really old lady who sat in front of me. She had pure white hair, but her heart of worship just really really amazed me. Anyway, I felt sad because I didn't really see lots of young people. (uncles aunties - 70%, young ppl - 25%, kids - 5%) I was like, where are the young people?? And this nation needs us! The new generation!! To rise up!! I really pray that God will continue to stir the hearts of this new generation, who have the passion and fire for Jesus; who know that they are the royal Princes and Princesses of our King; who dream BIG (not just working in the office and go to church every Sunday, unless that's your dream.). God wants to partner with us! To shake the world together!!

There's one worship song that we sang during the conference which really spoke to me. It's quite an old song (so old until I couldn't find out who composed the song.) But it's a very powerful and humble song.

No Higher Calling

Down at Your feet, O Lord
Is the most high place
In Your presence, Lord
I seek Your face
I seek Your face

There is no higher calling
No greater honour
Than to bow and kneel before Your throne
I'm amazed at Your glory
Embraced by Your mercy
O Lord, I live to worship You.

Amen. We indeed live just to worship our King. =)

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