Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What did we eat for dinner in Penang


It's CRAZY x 1,000.

My uncle and cousin came down from Singapore to Penang for holiday, so just now my dad brought them and myself to eat mamak for dinner. The name of the mamak is Kapitan, which is very famous for its tandoori chicken.
(note: cousin = 14 year-old boy)

4 of us, 3 guys 1 girl, had ordered and FINISHED:
- 4 plates of Tandoori chicken (1/4 chicken each plate) with 4 naan.
- 1 claypot chicken biryani (another 1/4 chicken with the rice)
- 2 roti canai (or roti prata for singaporeans)
- 1 beef curry
- 1 lamb curry
- 1 mee goreng
- 1 roti tisu
- 3 teh tarik
- 2 coke

How much in total? RM52 (my Singapore uncle was screaming: CHHHEEEAAAPPPP!!!!)

My post-dinner effect:
- Garlic breath (I ordered garlic-cheese naan)
- Couldn't sleep (thanks to the teh tarik)
- Gained 2 kg (i weighed myself this morning, and i thought i lost 2 kg)

The food was really really really really good though.

Did i mention my cousin ate the most?



CT said...

You know, since I came back to Malaysia I have not dared to step on a scale

Like CONFIRM gain weight right?
Then somebody somemore ask me to send photo of my bigger self lol

So yesterday, I finally decided to step on a scale

But it was one of those balancing ones where you have to adjust the weight to balance yours...

GG dunno how to use and read so nevermind lor

tian tian said...

har har har......

eat first, think later.

and after much thinking, i went for a run.

coz i know later i'm going for a crazy meal. again.

lux said...

i'm so so so craving teh terik man! singapore wait for me! i know all you good teh terik stores are calling my name, but i resist!
i must i must i must. *esp when the only other decent place here is bismi, and it ain't quite as good ^^
tian do us proud, eat/drink more!