Thursday, August 23, 2007


One of my favourite Planetshakers' songs:


I will sing of the mercy of the Lord
I will shout of Your faithfulness O God
For there is none like You
Seated in Your Majesty
Holy One I come
To worship You forevermore

You are my God, my life, my all
And I live for You alone
I am Yours, evermore
Heaven and earth will shout Your praise
The wonder of Your name
I'll proclaim evermore

And I will run (I will run to Your presence)
To Your presence
And I will sing (I will sing of Your love)
Sing forever
Evermore (I will sing)
Evermore (Evermore)
Evermore (I will sing)
Evermore (Evermore)

Lord, I will always worship You and praise You. I will run to Your presence, I will sing of Your love, forever and ever. Nothing/No one can stop me. Nothing. No one. =)

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