Tuesday, August 14, 2007

what happen to my Malaysia?

I was going to sleep initially (it's 12.13am now). But I came across news in Malaysia from thestar.com, and i felt all the fire burning inside me. I don't think i can sleep, but just want to pour out my thoughts here.

Firstly, a malaysian man who get married in Canada, now wanting to plant and pastor an independent church in malaysia by 2010. Sounds great? But, he is gay. And yes it's a gay marriage. Sorry i know right now tian tian sounds a bit harsh and mean. Plant a church that encourages gay/lesbian in Malaysia? Sorry la, i probably will be the first one to quit my job and run back to Malaysia and protest. Not like i don't accept gay/lesbian. I have gay/lesbian friends and they are fine with me. We Christians are called to make disciple of all nations, to be the salt and light of the world. And we, are called to LOVE others as ourselves. But it is very clearly stated in the bible that homosexuality is a sin. But God doesn't hate them. He loves them, He just hate the sin. He just doesn't like His children can't fully experience the freedom of Christ and the purpose of why He created them. Why go and open a church that in the first place already miss out the point? People who already got bondages, continue to get more bondages??? My friend was asking me, what will God think about this, i replied, i think He will be like this --> -_-"" I think He will be seriously heart-broken... Oh God, i pray that You will open the man's eyes, to see and fully understand why Your Son died on the cross, and the purpose You created us. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

2ndly, another independent church in Malaysia that practises wierd things eg. the church members cannot make contacts with outsiders; the pastor prayed for the church members (esp ladies) to have good bodies. -_-" Apa ini??? I felt sooo... (can't even express my feelings)...

What happen to my home? My Malaysia? And her 50th birthday is just around the corner. But so many things happened recently, esp. those issues that really challenged the malaysia churches. O Lord, look at Your nations, Malaysia. I really don't know why all these things happen. But i just pray one thing, just one thing, that the churches in Malaysia will be united as ONE Body of Christ, to face the world, to face the challenges, to shine Your glory to the nations, to bring lights to the world. Lord, i know the revival for Malaysia is coming. I pray Lord, that You will prepare all the believers who have the heart for Malaysia (include myself) to become nation-changers. And i pray Lord, You will rise us up when the time is right. Make us strong and courages. I will stand for You. I will battle for You. In Jesus' name. Amen.


Changeling said...

Rawr! Amen!!
I was thinking of making a post also =P
A church should have sound doctrine =)

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